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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trinkets & Treasures Guest Room

The Guest Room project
Romantic Country Cottage Style

Once I had decided on my theme, I headed out to treasure hunt.
As luck would have it, I stumbled across a beautiful hand crocheted throw blanket.
Lovingly stiched by someones Mother, Aunt, or perhaps a Grandmother. I could not beleive that anyone would not pack away this beautiful heirloom peice. I was overun with emotions, first feeling shocked that someone would just toss this beautiful blanket aside. Then thrilled and elated that I was lucky enough to come across it. I instantly fell in love with the colours and the design.
The Roses really struck me as soft and romantic and just he right colours for the guestroom!
And so the Project begins.

The old saying
 "One mans junk is another mans Treasure"
sure rings true!

My next fantastic find was this beautiful framed print all done with Roses in my Romantic theme colours The photo is rathe dark as I snapped it late in the evening. The frame is a soft golden hue, I love love love the Roses, and it fits perfectly into my plans for the room.

My First Bear for the room!
Isn't she precious is her Pink Cashmere Button down Cardigan with mathing Hat and Rose Flower.
I did a little digging and found out  a little more about her
Her name is Rose  and she is a Bearington Bear

My second Bear found two weeks later
This precious 6"  "Carmella de Bearvoire" was issued by Boyds Bears in 1999

Quick Project for the Guest Room.. refurbished my daughters toy box with a coat of paint.She is now 21 years old and my Father In Law made this for her when she was first born.
I Found this lovely hand crocheted blanket with backing that would make for a wonderful seat cover for my new re purposed window seat! I really like the pattern of the crochet as well as the colour combination. It is a frothy white with cream . The picture looks more yellow than the item actually is.You get a better look in the picture to the right, this angle shows the correct colours.

Ok here's luck for you! Three weeks after I bought the window seat crocheted  blanket cover, I was out thrift shoping in the same store that I had originally found the blanket and to my amazement I found the matching pillow cover. What a find, I was thrilled beyond belief. Look how great they go together on the bench.Notice the Yummy Pink Doilies


I can't pass up on beautiful blankets, These two little darlings one in pink and one in white found a new home with me I tossed them on the bench to snap some quick pics to share.Please excuse the sub floor LOL , however it does match with the drywall walls.

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  1. Lovely find! You have a good eye to spot something special and not to lose a good opportunity!