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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gasdogz BBQ Run for the Cure

Today I tagged along with my hubby to a beautiful little town called Tauntonham, I actually road on the back of his Motorcycle. We rode along with our Dear friend Ron D, I really missed Ron's wife Jenny today. We have been spending more time together lately and I really enjoy her company.
It was a beautiful day and a very nice ride. August is so beautiful and I just wish it would last forever, as the summer is winding down it reminded me how beautiful Ontario is.. and how much I despise winters.Ugg... Anyhow, the Gasdogz Motorcycle club was hosting a Club BBQ and fundraiser for our Breast Cancer walk in the fall. It was really nice finally meeting many of the faces that belong to the names that I have heard so much about. What a great group, made up of both men and women. We arrived in the early afternoon and we were greeted with a Giant Pink Ribbon artistically drawn in the driveway, members sporting Pink.. lots of balloons and bikes. I've snapped a few pics to share with you. Our Host was Sue and John .. better known as Grapes & Duchess. What a beautiful spread of food and drinks, we ate talked drew names for two awesoem bottles of Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head vodka then induldged in the best Ice Cream cake I have ever had. the store did a fantastic job with the club logo. I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to spend more time with the Gasdogz in the future, and want to say Thank you for raising $2000 for the walk!

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