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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Time !

Here is my first post in what I hope turn into a series, Tea Time!
Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge Tea drinker and Fanatic.
Tetley being the top of my list. Favorite Black Tea / Orange Pekoe hands down this is the best Black Tea. Love it !
Here is a small collecton of some of my Herbal Teas on a kitchen the shelf is  holds  some  great Cookbooks along with some yummy herbals teas .

This is my newest addition to the Herbal Tea's called Warmth.. The blend is cinnmon spice with Orange Blossom, I have not tried it yet and when I do I will do a post and review to share with you. I think it will be a wonderful blend for the Crisp Fall evenings that will be here in October.
I was out at one of my Favorite Thrift stores this week, and came across this little Tetley Teapot!!! Had to have it. I've already made Tea in it and it did a wonderful job.

Notice the Teddy Tea Ladies???
Are they not adorable?
 I bet they are the Best of Friends = )

Closer look of the Gals sharing a cup of Tea

I LOVE sitting on the Front porch sipping Tea with my Friends
Hugs, Jan

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  1. Hi Janlyn
    I am a tea drinker too and I would love to sit on your porch and share a cup of tea with you! I noticed you are a follower of my blog and so I thought I'd stop by to meet you.